Regional Aircraft

In the late 1990s, Sumitomo Precision Product Co., Ltd. (SPP), the parent company of SPP Canada Aircraft, Inc. (SPPCA), was selected to provide Goodrich with the main structural and actuation components for the landing gear systems of the Bombardier CRJ700/900 series regional jets. Then, in 2007 SPP began the development of the landing gear structural and actuation components for the latest CRJ1000 regional jet. The CRJ700/900/1000 landing gears display a cantilever type configuration, fabricated from 300M high strength steel. SPPCA is providing the landing gear dressings along with the hydraulic hoses and the wiring harnesses, including the proximity sensors.


  • Main Landing Gear for CRJ700/900/1000
  • Nose Landing Gear for CRJ700/900/1000


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