Privacy Policy

SPP Canada Aircraft, Inc. (SPPCA) strictly complies with Canadian legislation concerning data privacy. In order to assure our compliance to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, SPPCA and its employees will follow the following principles.


SPPCA will not collect personally identifiable information through the Internet unless visitors explicitly express their intent to provide such information through this web site. SPPCA will not use information collected from visitors who access this website and provide information for clearly purposes specified prospectively. When you provide us with information, it is kept strictly confidential and handled with reasonable care. We will not disclose the information provided for specific purposes to third parties unless obliged to do so by law and/or legal proceedings. SPPCA uses the latest security technology to protect information and data exchanged through this website via the Internet not to allow third parties access. Our employees are well trained and obligated to adhere to the above principles under the employment agreement.

Limited Access Information Collection for Optimization of Personalized Services

Cookies technology is used for personalized sessions. It is assured that the cookie generated data for each session is discarded upon your termination of the session. The cookie generated data is only used to improve our website and its content. The analysis of this data preserves the anonymity of visitors.

Internet Links

We do not accept any responsibility for the behavior and practices of third parties. Although we excise reasonable effort to make sure that sites linked with this website to adhere to any applicable legislative requirements to the same degree with ours, we will not bear any responsible for the content and privacy policy of other Internet sites, carriers and ISPs.