SPP Canada Aircraft, Inc. (SPPCA) is a world leading landing gear system integrator established in 2012 and fully supported by Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. (SPP). Its engineering capability ranges from the initial conceptual study with the aircraft manufacturer to the system integration, detailed design, and qualification testing for aircraft type certification.
Building on the years of experience of SPP in design, development, and manufacturing of commercial and military landing gears and a world class engineering team at SPPCA, we can develop innovative landing gear structures and landing gear control systems and solutions. In addition, we can provide the complete integration of landing gear systems, such as brake control systems, nose wheel steering control systems, and landing gear extension and retraction systems.
In combination with SPP's engineering capability, we offer various test capabilities including 3 drop towers, 2 dynamometers and shimmy test facilities, and a temperature chamber to meet RTCA/DO160 testing requirements. Our capability includes static and fatigue strength tests for structural components, and endurance testing for retraction and steering.
Our Research and Development has focused on the development of very high strength stainless steels. We are also continuing to research metal matrix composites and carbon-fiber composites. In collaboration with a prime aircraft manufacturer, we are also developing a new type of electro hydrostatic actuation system.


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